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Discover strategic futuring * 


The habit of thinking systematically about the future to make better decisions in the present.

We ask leaders in Foresight and Futures to share their futuring habits, practices, and tools to help you think more clearly, creatively, and strategically about the future.

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Our Mission Question:

How might we help routinise futuring to enhance decision-making ?


Foresight Folk is a platform for everyone who wants to become better at strategic futuring. 

We offer timeless insights and master lessons from people who are already applying foresight in their professional and everyday lives.

Hi, I'm Katharina. 

I'm a freelance Foresight Strategist who began her futures journey in trend research over 15 years ago. I've been fascinated with change, how it happens, and how it can be harnessed or shaped ever since. 

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